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Qualitative screw piles at the best price in Ukraine

More and more Ukrainians prefer to build their own houses and country mansions. People are well aware that it was their own home will full comfort, warmth and freedom.

So, when a person is “ripe” and ready to start the construction of their homes, it raises questions related not only to the choice of sites and materials, but where do you start building this fortress. And he, of course, be informed that the most important is not only the quality stuff, but also the basis of the house, namely the foundation. Of course, everyone understands that the deeper and more durable concrete, the better. But what do the people who have to say the problems with the soil and the ground, for example, it is soft and has the ability to spread? There’s an answer!

Set screw piles Ukraine. And you can be sure that even the most powerful landslide or wading area will not be able to break the resistance of your home!

Screw piles Ukraine Screw piles price

Advantages of the deepest supports

Who faced with construction, knows that about 40-50% of the entire house is the foundation. Thus, it is important to choose and even quality components. Our company can offer piles, which will not only reduce the cost of the foundation about a third of the total, and will last at least a hundred years without any change in position. Using piles, you will receive the following benefits:

  • On the screw piles price is available, and lower than that of a traditional foundation.
  • Reduce the time for pouring the foundation and tinctures.
  • Get a solid foundation on difficult ground.
  • Reduce your expenses.

Screw piles Ukraine: advantages and disadvantages

The list of characteristics drawbacks of screw piles, several of them:

  • The probability of corrosion, because when setting can damage the protective layer, especially in the stone ground.
  • With self-assembly it is likely incorrect installation.
  • The need for monitoring welds.

Advantages of the screw piles:

  • Screw piles price is available.
  • The rate of pouring the foundation is faster.
  • High durability.
  • Can be installed at any time of the year.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • The installation can be performed manually.
Screw piles price Screw piles Ukraine Screw piles price Screw piles Ukraine

Thus, if you prefer quality at the best price – screw piles exactly what you need!

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